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That's what I read about fertility drugs.
Clomid, or Serophene should not be tried until tests have been done that confirm that the woman is not ovulating. This is the most inexpensive and easiest drug to use, since it can be taken in pill form. Clomiphene has a lower risk for multiple births than other fertility drugs. About 80 percent of women who take this drug ovulate. About 40 to 50 percent of these women will get pregnant. This drug may cause hot flashes, nausea, headache, weight gain, and fatigue. If a woman has blurry vision, or sees spots or flashes while taking this drug, she should stop taking it.

If clomiphene is given for fertility problems other than not ovulating, it can cause more fertility problems.

Clomiphene should not be taken for longer than 6 cycles. If a woman has not ovulated after 6 cycles, injectable fertility drugs should be considered. There are many of these. At this time, the woman should also consult with a fertility specialist. Injectable fertility drugs should not be given by anyone but a fertility specialist.

Injectable drugs are usually more expensive and sometimes more cumbersome, because a special pump may be needed to inject these drugs in bursts. Sometimes, an ultrasound is needed everyday to see if the drug is working. These drugs are given very carefully, as some may cause the ovaries to produce cysts that grow in size and rupture.

Before deciding to take any fertility drug, the benefits and the side effects should be discussed.

Jteaches my RE wants to give me injectables first since they are more effective. But we need to get a few tests done before doing that. My dh needs to have SA again, I need some bloodwork done and cervical cultures checked.
Then we'll visit my re to discuss what we need to do next.

Good luck

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