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Re: IUI question
Sep 10, 2004
Mike, I'm sorry to hear that. My heart breaks for the women who has to go through this pain.
I have 3 y o daughter and ttc for the second baby. I'm 37 much older than you guys.
We've seen our RE just once and he said he would start giving me injectables first. My dh has low sperm motility, I'm fine. My HSG, bloodwork, biopsy was normal. I need to have one more test then we'll have to make an appointment with my RE.
I change my mind about hormone therapy 10-20 times a day and I don't know if I'm gonna start using it or not. A few minutes ago I talked to my aunt, her dh does acupunctrure. She is against the hormonal therapy. I read alot about hormonal therapy. It's very risky, has a lot of side effects. Do some research online, it's helpful. It's very risky especially when you have to go through that many times. Sometimes it doesn't work at all and just harms your body forever.
My aunt's dh does acupuincture and had patients who had to go through Clomid, injectables, IUI, IVF, nothing helped, they visited acupuncturist just 6 times and conceived naturally.
Read about acupuncture and infertility online, very interesting.
I'm gonna start looking for acupuncturist around me. I' m gonna use just the natural way of conceiving. I can't visit my aunt's dh since they live in the different state, too far away in south.
Think about the side effects of the hormonal drugs which occur later in life. It doesn't happen right away, it takes time like a "silent killer".
I 'm definitely going to use Chinese medicine, acupuncture. I'm not gonna take any fertility drugs.
Along with it we need to eat properly, avoid fatty, junk food, hydrogenated oils, GMO food. If you eat mainly non-organic stop today, eat organic food, exercize, do yoga. Drink plenty of water, drink green tea.
You guys are young. you'll get the babies, just before starting any expensive procedure try natural ways. Acupuncture is cheap. It costs $60-85 per visit as my aunt said. If my insurance doesn't cover it I'm gonna pay out of my pocket.
My aunt's dh had a patient who had IVF unsuccessfully, he treated her and she has conceived naturally twice.
I'm just giving you an idea. I really wanna see our women healthy and beautiful. Dr. Lee says if your doctor starts treatment with the hormonal therapy change her/him, find another doctor.
I'm using natural progesterone cream, taking my vitamins, my dh is taking vitamins, L-Carnitine and I want him to use acupuncture too to treat his infertility issues. First of all it's natural, there is no harm to our body.

Think about this
Good luck to you guys

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