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Hi Doreen,

I started with clomid only when we were trying 3 years ago. I went from 50mgs (nothing) to 100mg(still nothing) to 150mg and finally I had one viable egg. We tried IUI but it was unsuccessful. The next month I did 150mg again and 2 viable eggs, we tried naturally and were unsuccessful.

Three years later we are trying with meds again. This time my doc gave me 50mg clomid with pergonal shots. I did clomid day5-10 and pergonal shots days 7, 9, 11. My internal sonogram showed 3 mature eggs. I was very pleased that it worked so well without hardly any side effects. I was actually a little hesitant but I guess my doctor did know best. I did the hcg shot 12 days ago and the IUI 10 days ago. I am currently on progesterine (which I have a lot of physical reactions to). I thought my pregancy test was going to be today, but doc thinks that the hcg shot 12 days ago might interfere with accurate results. Now I have to wait til Thursday. I feel all the symptoms of pregnancy thanks to the progesterone suppliments, so I can't tell what is the hormone and what might be real. Good luck! Jenna
Thank you girls for your advice and experiences... There's a part of me that wants to stay with the Clomid, just because i know it works...not to mention the extra $$$ for the injectables...(even thining about all those shots..ugh!)but Clomid really had me going nuts... I think if I KNEW that I'd get that BFP right away I would do it again...but not knowing is the hard part. I think that I'm just going to have to follow my re's advice and deal with whatever I need to.

I wanted to wish you girls the best of luck...and hope that you all also get your BFP's real soon!

STICKY BABY VIBES!!! :bouncing: :bouncing: :bouncing:

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