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Re: Iui
Sep 20, 2004
Hi Mike,

Good luck!!! We did our IUI 10 days ago and it has been a very long 10 days. I thought my pregnancy test was going to be today, but doc says I need to wait a couple of more days because the hcg I injected 12 days ago could cause a false positive. Now the preg test is scheduled for Thursday. I am considering going and buying a Home preg test, but I am trying not to. I had 3 viable eggs and my husbands sperm count was 19M. However I read anything over 5m can do the job, remember it only takes ONE!!!

Re: Iui
Sep 24, 2004
Hi there. As promised, I wanted to let you know what happened today. All day today (Friday) I waited and waited for a call from the doctors office with the result of my blood test from yesterday (Thursday) morning. I took a personal day from work and planned on sleeping in, of course that didn't happen as I was too excited/nervous about the call. I went to get my hair done and sat in the chair with my cell phone in my hands all afternoon.

Finally at 2:30pm I called the dr's office and left a message for my ob/gyn's nurse. At 4:30pm I still hadn't heard from her and now I am climbing the walls. I called again and this time had the receptionist page her. She got on the line and said "hi, guess what?" I said "what?" She then said the words I have been praying to hear...she said "you are pregnant". I started to cry a bit. I couldn't speak. She had to ask me if I was still there. I just couldn't believe it. Then she said that my numbers were high and asked when my AF was due. It was due yesterday (or the day before as I have a 28 day cycle or less and today is day 30. I didn't get too excited about late AF because I read that Clomid can cause delayed AF.) Anyway, she said that she really did not think that this was a false positive from the hCG shot 16 days ago, but she wants me to come in on Monday to double-check and to confirm that my numbers are rising like they should.

I am cautiously happy right now. After so many negatives, it has not sunk in yet that this was a positive. It feels weird cause I still feel like AF is going to happen any second. I have had every pregnancy symptom for days, but I attributed all of it to the progesterone I am on.

I will let you know on Tuesday if it true. All my friends want to celebrate (I did not really want to tell them yet, but they all knew about the preg test yesterday and they all called today), but I am asking them to reserve themselves til Tuesday. 4 more days and maybe I will believe it too.

:) Jenna

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