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Re: Iui
Sep 28, 2004
Hi again, Today is Tuesday and again after waiting all day for the call (why do they do that) my Dr's Asst finally called and let me know that my hCG #'s have more than doubled twice over the last four days and the my progesterone level is 54 (he says that anything over 20 is acceptable). I have finally exhaled after 18 days. My DH and I just could not be happier and finally today I have let myself believe it. Thank you all for your wonderful words of encouragement and support. I know that it will happen for each of you. Waiting4ababy asked that I tell you a bit about my experience. I will do that and hope that it gives someone else a bit more hope.

My DH and I started to ttc 4 years ago. We tried naturally for 6 months without success. I knew something was wrong and would not wait the 12 months they say you should wait to go to the doctor. We went to a trusted ob/gyn who also specialized in fertility. It turned out to be my problem (DH had the sperm analysis done as well). I did not fully ovulate even though the ovulation tests said I did. I did not produce eggs that matured enough. So, we did 4 months of Clomid. The first 2 were 50mg, 100mg respectively. They did not do the job. We then went to 150mg on the third month. Finally I produced 1 mature egg. We did the IUI and waited. It was a BFN. We did the 150mg of Clomid in the fourth month as well. That month I produced 2 viable eggs and we tried naturally. Again, BFN. At this point I was so physically and emotionally drained, I had to take a break. I must add that my job was incredibly stressful at that time and ALL my friends were getting pregnant around me on their first tries which only added to my feeling of complete failure. Between the hormones and the monthly disappointments, I was truly at my lowest point.

After 3 years (During this time 9/11 happened, I got laid off and the company my husband worked for went under. We did not have insurance for over 2 years as I was contracting. We did not think this was the time to start again.) our situation has again evened out. I now have a very good job and my husband is 1/2 way through with Law School. I am also now 33years old and with the problems I had, I did not need to add age to it. We decided that we would start trying again. (We did not use any type of contraception the whole time we were not actively trying.) I worked 2 jobs for the last 5 months and socked every dime away "just in case" we needed to go onto more expensive treatments. So I quit the second job to concentrate on ttc. We went on a fabulous vacation, we relaxed and started when we returned. Also, during this time of "not ttc" I also started really exercising. I lost over 30pounds and was running/taebo almost every night. I did 50mg clomid this time and pergonal boosters. I produced 3 viable eggs. That night we did the hCG shot and exactly 36 hours later, we did the "sperm wash" and then the IUI. My husband had 19M with excellent motility. We also tried again the old fashion way 36 hours after the IUI at home. 2 days after the IUI I started progesterone. Then the long 2ww. You guys know the rest. This was really a surprise to both of us that we were successful on the first try after so long. I really think that the break was necessary however you could not have told me that during that time in my life. I also added some other things. I don't know if any one thing or a combination of things helped. I had an acupuncture session the night before the IUI, we had a special blessing over me and my husband from our church priest the Sunday before the IUI (prayer has been such a big part of things this time as well). I read the books, "The Infertility Handbook" and "The Infertility Diet". They were very helpful. I cut all caffeine out of my diet and even my herbal teas, and all asprin or over the counter meds.
I don't know if this was helpful to anyone, I hope so even if it was so long. I will keep you all in my prayers.

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