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So....did AF come visit? Have you had your US yet?
My left tube is blocked so I know how you feel about feeling like you only have one ovary that is working for you. Even if my left ovary does it's job it doesn't matter because the little guys can't get to it!!

Which drugs aren't I using is a better question...hahaha. I have 9 meds. 4 are injectibles and the rest are pills and one numbing cream for the injections.
The injections are Follistim (follicle stimulator), Antigon (ovulation suppressant), Projesterone (to thicken uterine lining), and Novarel (trigger shot). I start them on the 22nd of Oct.

$5K for infertility is pretty good, most insurance doesn't cover it at all.
We took out a home equity loan to pay for ours. It's winding up costing about $8500 for everything, including drugs and my insurance only helped for certain parts of it (paid 50% on things like Doc visit charges, lab work, and ultrasounds). It could be worse. My doc felt if I did IUIs it would wind up not working and i'd have to do IVF anyway....thats why we decided to go ahead and do it instead of trying the IUI first, so we might save money and time, not to mention the success rate with IVF is so much better.

Does either of your jobs offer Flex Spending? Where they take out of each paycheck a set amount 'pre tax dollars' that you can use for Medical? That has helped us so much. Since we were spending so much on infertility treatments and I had to get shoulder surgery I did the Flex spending this year. Based on how much I thought i'd spend, they take $70 out every paycheck (twice a month) and when I spend money on medical I can send in a claim form and they deposit that amount in my bank account. You can even use it on pregnancy tests, ovulation kits, asprin, etc. I had to shell out $600 the other day and it was nice getting it all back in less than a week.
It's kind of like a savings account. Although, if you dont use it by the last day of the year, you lose it!! So you have to estimate pretty good. Or just use it up on glasses or teeth whitening or something like that close to the end of the year. If we didn't go through IVF we'd had to come up with something to spend $900 on so we wouldn't lose it. IVF took that up pretty quick!!

Yesterday we went in for the Patient Education (where they go through each step of the process and teach you how to administer the drugs, as well as answer any questions) and also we had our stress mgmt counseling they make you go through. It was all good, head is just spinning over all the injectibles my DH has to give me!!

I'm glad things are better with the two of you, as far as not talking about it all so much. Yoga really helps!! You should do a yoga class or tape if you can. Also I hear accupuncture helps for relaxation.

Sorry I went on and helps to talk to people that know what i'm going through.

Baby Dust!!
Sadend-No, I did not take Lupron. All I did was BC for a month, then the Follistim and Dexamethasone. Tomorrow I start the ganirelix in conjuntion with the other two. Then another US on Saturday. This is my first IVF. I never had an IUI. Because of my age (35) and one blocked tube, as well as a diagnosis of dimenishing ovarian reserve, my doc suggested I go straight to IVF for my best chance. Before this IVF I did Clomid about 15 times over a 2 year period with no luck.

April - Good Luck tomorrow!!

I had my appt today and doc said "wow, I didn't expect such a good response to the meds" so he downed my dosage of follistim, which is a good sign. He said I had a ton of follies on both sides growing on schedule. I have my next US on saturday to see where we are with the maturity.


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