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Does anyone have nausea and fatique around ovulation? I've started having nausea and fatigue this year since January. I even thought I was pregnant but hpt was negative. I didn't take the vitamins 2 months December 2003 and January 2004 and thought that maybe that caused it, I'm weak. So I've been taking vitamins since then. I haven't had nausea since then.
But this cycle I had nausea and fatigue again and it started on cd12 when my BBT raised, and it's been elevated since then. I usually ovulate on cd16, cd15. Maybe the natural progesterone cream I've used during 2 cycles lengthened my lp. i have to wait and see. Last cycle my LP was 11 days and ovulation happened on cd14. My cycle is 28 days. I haven't used progesterone cream during the current cycle yet. Sometimes I just feel so exhausted after 11:00AM till 6:00PM. It's like inside me something is wrong. As far as I know the pregnant women feel nauseated in 2-3 weeks after conception. I felt nauseated on the second day after ovulation. We ttc this cycle and I'm on my 2ww way. I'm just wondering if anybody else has nausea after ovulation.
Can't answer your question for you but I have heard that progesterone can give you symptoms similiar to pregnancy, maybe that is the cause...keep me updated, I may be going on the progesterone I may in your shoes in a few months too. Goodluck.
I am on progesterone as well and have been since my 2nd IUI and kierra your right it makes you tired and your breast are really really tender, you just feel heavier almost. I don't know it is weird. I had to restart the progesterone today since my IUI was yeterday. ON my 2ww to sally. Keep me updated. good luck!!!
Thanks for replies.
But I haven't used the natural progesterone cream during this cycle yet. I used it during the 2 previous cycles and just 3-4 days and didn't have these symptoms.
I mean all I do right now is take vitamins , nothing else. Today is my cd19. I noticed that my temperature increased after acupuncture i had yesterday. It's 98.3F today, it is usually between 97.6 and 98.2 during my luteal phase. During this cycle the highest temp was 98F. Today I've got 98.3F.
Today I 'm nauseated again, it's 8th day of the luteal phase and can't wait to see the length of my lp during theis cycle. In a week i'll find out what is going on with my body, pg or not pg?
My luteal phase got longer during this cycle. It's been 14 days so far. I think raspberry leaf tea did it , I drank a few cups of raspberry leaf tea. It also might be an effect of acupuncture. I didn't use progesterone cream this cycle. I applied the natural progesterone cream during my 2 previous cycles. My lp was 8-9 days 3 months ago.
So it's my cd25 and temps are staying high, but i got pink spotting only when wiping myself and i might be ready for AF to show up. If it doesn't start on cd28 and if my temps are still high then I'll use hpt. But I'm not sure if I'm pg or not.
We're going to have acupuncture today again, second time. They say it gives the positive results during the second month, first month the body gets prepared for that. I really believe that it will help us.

Baby dust to all
I'll keep my fingers crossed for ya...keep us updated.
So today it's my cd 27 and i haven't gotten period yet. I just get spotting on the wipes sometimes, very light pink. It has happened 4 times so far. I still have time to start my period (tomorrow or the day after tomorrow). My temps are high but not over 98F any more. It was 97.6 today. After ovulation my temps stay between 97.6 and 98.3. So i don't know what to think. The book "TCOYF" says the temps have to stay elevated for 18 days over 98F if you are pg. Today is 16th day of my luteal phase.
But i don't thikn i'm pregnant though i have nausea sometimes and feel bloated, it might be the beginning of my AF.
One thing is very important that my lp is normal now. I think acupuncture is creating a hormonal balance in my body.
I got my period today on cd27. I'm not pg, but thank God I have regular periods.

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