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I have finished my 3rd round of gonal F. I actually ended up with OHSS (ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) I was monitored pretty closely. I had 7 follies by the time I was ready for the trigger shot. My Dr. said to take the trigger but no IUI due to the number of follicles. Well... 4 days later my abbs swelled, I gained 6 pounds in that 4 days, and I was in so much pain I almost called an ambulance. My DH came home, took me to my Dr. and I was diagnosed with OHSS. Nothing but pain meds, fluids and best rest. It's been a week and 4 days and I'm pretty much back to normal. I have a lot of discomfort when I sleep. I do still have swelling. At this point my breast are extremely sore, but I am having slight cramps that scares me. After going through OHSS you really want to come out of it with a pregnancy. Especially after trying for 7 years. I've never had a child. You probably will ovulate with gonal F. It's the fertilization that nature still has to provide you.
My ovaries were the size of softballs my last sono 5 days ago. I should be able to find out this Monday if I got pregnant.
Be careful, watch your weight, make sure they test your blood for E2 levels. My Dr. actually skipped this test a few times, and I believe they relied to much on my sono's, where as my E2 would have told them to definately NOT have me take the trigger shot.
Let me know how you do. I wish you the best! :angel:
I have also heard lots of stories of women experiencing what they thought were pms cramps when they were really pregnancy signs! I hope you're pregnant. It's so hard waiting, isn't that 2ww the worst. I question and analyze everything. Well, I found out that my E2 could have been a little higher and since none of my follicles were bigger than ten yet, they increased the gonal f to 1.5 vials. I have to go back tomorrow for another u/s and blood test. Gotta love going to the doc every other day! Especially when they're an hour drive. But I know (or hope) it will all be worth it eventually.
That's good that Lockheed is offering better insurance now. That's great. I think the drugs are usually the most expensive part of all this so that's good that your drugs are covered. I am hoping I don't need that IVF coverage and we can get pregnant with IUI's.
My mom had fibroids too. My doc after he took out mine asked my mom if she had them and then told my dh that he should hope for boys since fibroids run in families sometimes. I always thought they were something that older women got, but I am only 28 and I think I had that fibroid for a really long time before they found it because I had a history of extreme bleeding and cramping. Oh well, just glad it's out now and we can do treatment cycles.
Good luck I hope you get great news tomorrow!

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