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Chirp - Oh, I hope you are pg. With my first pg last year, I took motrin (oops) for the cramps b/c I was so certain it was AF. Next day, tested positive. So, good luck!!!! Stacy, you and I are like spittin' images of each other! I also had fibroids. I tried to get pg for two years b/f I finally had a doctor tell me that this one nasty one had to be removed b/c it was blocking the entrance to my uteris! I had Lupron injections for three months (that was awful) before having a hysteroscopy to have it removed. (BTW - they keep coming back). Anyway, clomid with trigger shot and timed intercourse for 3 months didn't work, so we moved to Follistim (sister to Gonal-F) with trigger shot and timed intercourse and got PG the first month! I now have a healthy 10 month old baby girl - so a sucess story for you! I just stated metformin for ttc#2, and I am having an exploratory hysteroscopy on October 19th to make sure I don't have any more fibroids (I already know of one that the doc found during my C-section). Then, we are starting with Gonal-F in January. Hopefully by then you be PG! I didn't have any side effects with the Follistim, as a matter of fact, it was quite a relieve because I was a real mess with the clomid :-)
Please try not to feel like a failure! I know how you feel. Hopefully this stuff will work and we'll all be pregnant soon. Usually anovulation is one of the easiest things to treat because you know what the problem is and there's a clear cut treatment plan. That's good news! Once you do ovulate, it probably won't be long before you get pregnant.
I had another u/s and blood test today. Five follicles, but I think at teh time of IUI only three will be fully mature. That's good though I guess. I think the trigger will either be sat or sunday and the IUI monday or tues. I am trying to have a positive attitude but... Ya know, I don't want to get my hopes up. So next week I'll be started the dreaded 2ww. Let me know how things go for you when you start your shots!
Oh my god, that's too weird how similar our stories are. I hope that mine turns out as happily as yours! Thanks so much for sharing your success story, I love it! It really gives me hope. Yeah, didn't that lupron stink. I didn't have many of the horrible side effects that others have had, but I think it really messed up my cycles. My fibroid was also inside blocking everything. I have another one but it's not blocking anything (facing outward not inward) so the doc's not concerned. Mine was removed with hysteroscopy too. I hope that your hysteroscopy shows no new fibroids in there. Hopefully the one your doc saw during the csection was in a nonobstructive place. I will be thinking of you! Good luck with everything and I hope you get #2 very soon!

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