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Gonal F Questions
Sep 21, 2004
Hi Everyone! Have any of you used Gonal F + HCG Trigger + IUI? I did two clomid +HCG+IUI without success and in order for insurance to cover IVF (which I know I am very fortunate to have IVF covered at all) I have to do three cycles of injectibles with IUI so my doc started me on gonal F. Any success stories?
Thank you for your replies. DH22 Contratulations on your successful IVF! I love success stories.
Chirp, I hope you did get pregnant this time around. I know how extremely stressful this all is. We've been trying for three years and I have never been pregnant. I had to have a huge fibroid removed after two years of trying with no chance of getting pregnant because of that stupid thing. Big waste. Finally I am working with a doc I trust and believe can help me. I was ovulating on my own but in order to shrink the fibroid, I was taking lupron for five months and that kind of screwed me up so that after it was removed, my cycles were getting longer and longer. Did two cycles of clomid. Last one I had two nice follies and did trigger and IUI. No luck. In order to get IVF coverage I need three cycles of injectibles so here we are. Had my day 7 u/s & bloods today. Some follies but none over ten mm so far. I am waiting to see if they'll up my dose or keep me at 75 which is the lowest dose.
Thanks for your support, I'll let you know how it goes. Every time I go in for an u/s I also get the E2 test so hopefully they'll be able to tell if I am hyperstimulating but who knows! It sounds scary. I am glad that you came out of it ok. I hope you get positive results monday!
Take care and thanks again for posting Chirp and DH22!
Hi Michelle! I had my u/s and blood test yesterday and got to talk to my doc which was really great. All of a sudden my ovaries are awake and I had four maturing follicles and one that may or may not start maturing. They like to see two to five follicles for an injectible/IUI cycle so I am right on track. I am continuing on the gonal F and had another blood test today. I think I will have to go back for yet another u/s and blood test tomorrow. My doc was very encouraging. He said that my body responded the way they wanted it to for my two clomid cycles and is doing well with this gonal f cycle too. He said we'd try this three time then move to ivf.
I think the reason for starting with IUI's is because my husband's sperm count and motility were slightly on the low side. I also think that they do it for unexplained infertility. We're in the unexplained/mild male factor category. At first my doc thought our only problem was the fibroid I had removed in January so we tried from Feb til june with no success on our own in addition to two years of trying with that stupid fibroid in the way!
I think a lot of clinics just start out with the drugs first and then move to IUI so maybe you won't need the IUI! Hopefully you'll get pregnant right away with the gonal F. So, if you don't mind my asking and feel free not to answer if you don't want to, why do you need provera to bring on a period? I read things about that and that they often prescribe gonal f or other fsh only drugs for women with PCOS so I didn't know if that's what you had or not. I read that women with PCOS often have a great response to gonal f on the lowest dose. Maybe that's all you'll need! Let me know how it goes!
Stacy :)

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