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Thanks Stacy for your reply. I really appreciate you taking the time to answer my questions. I am trying to get a handle on all the emotions that go along with this journey we are beginning. I am learning a lot thats for sure. Thanks for helping me figure out the OPK's. I think I will just trust my Clearplan. I finally had a high come up on the Clearplan this morning which is day 12. I was relieved to see that. My cycle is usually 25 or 26 days long. However I usually ovulate around day 9 or 10. I am really excited and nervous about what we are doing. I just hope it all works out. I seem to be ovulating regularly so no meds yet anyway. There are a couple reasons we are not getting pregnant. In Jan. I had a large fibroid removed and before that my husband's sperm analysis showed abnormal morphology. So now we are hoping to send in the good ones for a BFP! DH is also going to see the urologist. We are just trying to see if this works first.
I was wondering what you did right after the IUI? Did you work the next day or did you rest and stay off your feet? I teach first grade so I've been leaving subplans for the last couple days in case I ovulate. I guess I'll see in the morning.
So how are you feeling during your 2WW? I hope it works for you. This board is amazing for offering support and just knowing there are people going through the same thing is comforting.
Hope to hear from you,
Hi Stacy,
Oh my gosh we have so much in common. My husband also has a varicocele, however the doctor he saw a year and a half ago thought it wouldn't prevent pregancy. Then shortly after that my dr. found the fibroid, so we thought that must be it. Well, now my husband is seeing another urologist on Friday (yea after our IUI) but we didn't want to wait another month. So its a little backward but if it works this time no need for that appt. My brother in law also had the vein fixed and his counts really didn't improve much. My fibroid was just outside the uterus but about 10 cm. He tried laproscopically, but I ended up having a myomectomy. Did you take Lupron to shrink yours? I did and the side effects were horrible. Then my dr. said it didn't even shrink.

So I think tomorrow is the day I will peak. I have the ususal cm I get around this time. I planned for taking tomorrow off. Plus I told my very caring understanding principal I was going to be out (we're having a district wide earthquake drill, I live in CA:) so I had to tell her). I will feel really silly if I don't peak tomorrow. If I do have the IUI tomorrow I will just rest the rest of the day, then go to work the next day.

Thanks for writing. By the way, do you live on the east coast? Just wondered because I don't hear the word wicked too much out here in CA. I lived in Maine for a while and that was the first time I ever heard it used. So how many days do you have before you can test? I will cross my fingers for you and hope for positive results.
Good Luck
Oh my goodness, congratulations! That is so wonderful! You must be thrilled. That really gives me hope, thanks so much for posting! It's hard after a couple failed IUI's you start to lose hope that IUI will work so it's great to hear that on the fourth attempt it worked for you. This is my first month on the progesterone so I really didn't know what to expect. If my period doesn't come by tuesday I go to the doc for a test (but it won't come anyways if I am still on the progesterone right? So I guess I'll find out tuesday if it worked.) Even with the last two IUI's my period held off until the day of the blood test and then as soon as I got the negative results, it always showed up within hours. Crazy! Big tease that AF is!
So how have you been feeling in your pregnancy? That's great that you stopped the progesterone and everything is progressing nicely. So are going to find out what you're having at the next u/s?
Thanks again for posting, I am so happy to hear of your positive results! Best wishes for a healthy and happy rest of your pregnancy! Keep me posted!

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