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Yes, I live in MA. I guess we're the only ones who use that word! It's so funny. Earthquake drill sounds scary!
It is so weird how much we have in common. I did take lupron to shrink my fibroid for five months, it barely did anything. The side effects I had weren't too bad though, only night hot flashes and stuff. BUT... I had totally regular cycles before the lupron and after I had the fibroid out and had my first non lupron period, my cycles started to become longer and longer (from average of 28 days to 30, 34, 37, so I kept ovulating later and later. It was weird. That could be another reason for putting me on the ovulation meds.
I went through hell from my fibroid for so many years without any doc ever being able to tell me what was wrong. My gyn never did an ultrasound and assumed my dh's slightly low count was the only problem. So after he had the varicocele surgery, my gyn told us we were well on our way to becoming pregnant. After not becoming pregnant after six more months, we finally went to teh RE. The first thing he did was an ultrasound, found the fibroid and then we worked on shrinking it and removing it. He said because it was inside the uterus, there was absolutely no way we would be able to get pregnant with it in there. So we basically had been trying for two years with no chance of getting pregnant not knowing the fibroid was there. I am so glad we finally went to the RE. Who knows where we'd be now. So, anyways, when we told my RE that my dh had the varicocele surgery, he gave us the impression that he would not have recommended it if we went directly to him before the gyn because his counts weren't that low so he didn't think that would cause an infertility problem. So, maybe it doesn't really make enough of a difference to even be worth it. I hope if your dh goes through it that it makes a big difference. Hows the insurance in CA? See, in MA we are covered for IVF which is great. So, even if the counts are low, you can still do ivf and icsi where they take one sperm and inject it into the egg, that way you only need a few good sperm to make a few embryos, and therefore, surgery for varicocele becomes unnecessary. But I am hoping that the IUI's work and we don't have to move to IVF.
That's great that your principal is understanding. It helps so much doesn't it? My boss has been great about all this so far. Especially now that I am on the drugs and have to go to the doc so often for ultrasounds and blood tests. You hear such bad stories about people with bosses who make this difficult situation even worse. Makes me very happy to work for my boss.
I hope you get your peak soon so that you can go in for the IUI. Take it easy and put your feet up and I'll be praying for you that it takes!
I have to go in tuesday for my pregnancy test if AF doesn't show up by then. I don't feel any different though. I'll let you know how it goes!
Good luck with teh IUI!

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