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Re: Progesterone
Oct 26, 2004
I read about the brownish spotting a few days before period as a sign of low progesterone. I had it for 6 months , i was very nervous those days and when i charted my temps my luteal phase appeared to be short which is also an indicator of low progesterone.
I've been having acupuncture for the last 6 weeks and i found out that my luteal phase got longer over 12 days, almost 14 days and i don't have brownish spotting before period anymore. I had just pink spotting for a day and next day i got my period. My cervical mucus has improved, i got alot of cervical mucus before ovulation.
When my LP was short I couldn't sleep well, i would wake up every hour, I was very irritated. I can't complain now, since I started getting acupuncture treatment I've been sleeping so good. I'm so relaxed. :bouncing:
Plus, I've been drinking green, oolong, black tea every day, following very healthy diet. Tea aids fertility. A few times I had raspberry leaf tea.
My friend says the days when she has tea she can't sleep, it keeps her awake because of caffeine in it. She doesn't drink tea every day.
I drink tea every day, 2-3 cups and have no trouble sleeping. I know that my friend drinks coffee every day and coffee contains more caffeine than tea. Probably that's why she can't sleep good. When measured in its dry form coffee contains less caffeine than tea, but a cup of prepared coffee contains more caffeine than a cup of tea. Green tea has less caffeine than oolong and black tea, because green tea is not fermented like oolong (halffermented) and black tea (completely fermented). Green tea has alot of benefits, it lowers cholesterol, regulates sugar in blood, prevents blood clotting...
I really think acupuncture and a proper diet will increase the chances of getting pg. My dh is getting acupuncture too and I've been feeding him very well, making a lunch for him every day. I made him completely quit drinking carbonated beverages. He just drinks water and tea.
So, let's see if my hard work results in BFP or not.

Wish you guys and myself a very BFP.

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