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Hi wild shiutzu

So after finding that about dh what are you gonna do? What did a doctor say to do? Circumsize?
I wish you good luck.
I agree with you about the drugs RE wants to put the women on as soon as she visits him. That's why I didn't go back to my RE. i had just one appointment with him. i'm fine, my dh has low sperm motility. I'm concerned about the side effects, failure of the reproductive treatment.
I wanna see if the vitamins, acupuncture, L-Carnitine and herbs improve his sperm motility, it wasn't too low, a little bit low.
He was fine before, we conceived our first child easily 4 years ago.
They say overweight might affect sperm quality. He gained weight a little bit after quitting smoking, he is not too big, but still overweight. Maybe that's a reason. Plus, his job is stressful, i hope acupuncture will reduce the stress, he feels very relaxed after acupuncture. I wanna him to have SA again after acupuncture treatment, i read that an acupuncture affects sperm count and motility positively. His sperm count is normal but a sperm motility. So we're waiting. Right now i'm on my 2ww. We need to go to the acupuncturist 3 more times, so far it's been 5 times.
You know I'm sure we'll conceive. Positive attitude is very helpful.

Good luck to you too

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