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Re: Newbie here
Oct 21, 2004
It might be a matter of time. Just have a healthy lifestyle, eat properly, drink plenty of water, exercise. I don't know how old you are but if you're not over 3o and everything is fine with you then just wait. Just make sure your luteal phase is long enough to support pregnancy. It should be within 12-16 days. Chart your temps and see if your luteal phase is normal.
Reduce stress, don't think about pregnancy alot, don't concentrate on it, the stress can delay conception. I was worried about the side effects of fetility drugs too that's why i didn't start any treatment with RE. I have a daughter who was conceived without problems, now I'm 37 and my dh got low sperm motility. he has been taking vitamins, getting acupuncture, L-Carnitine. My luteal phase was short , lately it got fixed, it's been 13-14 days for the last 3 months. I 've been taking vitamins, drinking green and black tea every day, sometimes raspberry leaf tea which lengthens a luteal phase. i also used a natural progesterone cream for 2 cycles, very little 2-3 days. So when my RE wanted to put me on Clomid or give me injectables though my tests came up normal I didn't want to deal with that. I heard that women miscarry often when taking Clomid, IUI fail, it 's very stressful, i don't know how they can manage it. So i let the nature take its own course. If my dh's sperm quality improves then we can conceive. i believe we'll conceive very soon.
Good luck to you

Good luck.

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