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Re: Clomid question
Oct 22, 2004
Low progesterone levels may be responsible for the luteal phase defect when your luteal phase is short and not enough for implantation and pregnancy to happen.
Do you know if your luteal phase is short or not? You can find it out by charting your temps. The normal range is 12-16 days.
My LP was happened to be short all of a sudden , i found it out in January, 2004. So i surfed Internet and found alot of natural ways of solving my problem. I started taking 50 mg of vitamin B-complex along with my prenatal vitamins. I started drinking tea every day green, black, just 1-2 cups of tea, I usually use a bulky tea, not teabags. At the same time I drink 1-2 cups of raspberry leaf tea (not raspberry tea), it lengthens the luteal phase.
I bought a natural progesterone cream "Happy PMS" and used it during 2 cycles, 2-3 days each time. I didn't use it alot.
So in 2 months my luteal phase got 2 days longer it was 11 days. Then next cycle it became longer for 2 more days, it became 13 days. During the last cycle it was 14 days. Now I'm waiting , I'm on my 2ww. Today is my cd23 and 11th day of my luteal phase, I keep charting. I always have 27-28 days cycle. I still have 4 days for a period to start. So, my luteal phase is fine now. I don't drink too much milk, it can delay conception. I just eat cheese, and yogurt sometimes. I also do yoga 1-2 times a week.
At the same time my dh and I are getting acupuncture treatment once a week. My dh's sperm motility is a little bit low. We eat very healthy food, no junk. Drink tea, plenty of water. My husband takes vitamins, herbs. So we hope we'll succeed in conceiving naturally.

I wanna say maybe your luteal phase is short , that's why you have low progesterone. Also progesterone deficiency can be connected with the thyroid disorders which results in infertility. Have you had your thyroid stimulating hormone TSH tested? I just found out that soy products (soymilk, tofu....) are not recommended for the people who are on synthroid.
I'm just giving you ideas.

Good luck
Hope you'll get BFP very soon.

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