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Hi Melissa, I just went through IVF in October. The total cost was around $12-13,000. I went out of town for the procedure, so I had to pay for a few scans at home that would have been included in the cost. So I believe I paid $13,000 because of the extra expense. They did offer payment plans, however, I just put it on a credit card. My treatment started with three weeks of BCP's, then injections of Lupron (in the abdomen area) every morning for 19 days (did not hurt at all). At this time I also started antibiotics and one baby aspirin each day. My husband also had to take the anitbiotics. 10 days into the Lupron injections I started the stim meds: Repronex and Gonal-F. These were put together in one injection each night. The stims were for 9 days. Then a shot of HCG (intramuscular-in the butt), which ripens the eggs. 2 days later egg retrieval, then 3 days later embryo transfer. Because of my age (37) they put back 4 embryos, they gave a 5% chance of triplets, and a 30% chance of twins, however, none of them implanted. The night of the egg retrieval they also started me on intramuscular injections of estradiol and progesterone. If you do get pregnant these have to be continued until around the 8th-10th week of pregnancy. If you have any left over embryo's they can freeze them for you, but there is a cost for this. Each clinic will be different. The whole thing is quite a process and at any point it can get cancelled (reactions to the meds, don't produce enough eggs, etc). I had terrible headaches from the Lupron. That seemed to be the only side effect I had. It is a very emotional process and after it failed I thought I would never want to try again, now that some time has gone by I think I would. But very expensive. Prayers and well wishes to you!

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