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Re: Dsak143
Dec 2, 2004
DH- Yes, I'm home eating my chicken soup!!! Thank you for your warm wishes!


yup, I'm not really hoping for a BFP this month..Imagine that!!!

How did your appointment go today? How's your lil one? I hope that it eased your fears a bit...I don't blame you for feeling anxious! I can't even think about how I'll feel if I get PG after my m/c. :(

I hear you about not purchasing all new stuff. I have tons of stuff from my SIl and sister's kids in my attic waiting for that BFP to use them!

It sounds as if you are planning very wisely, especially when money is tight. Becareful on buying too much in one size...they grow so fast. I swear you blink and they have grown an inch!!

I am feeling pretty good today..but as you said i don't want ot over-due, I'm afraid of relapse and I never-ever want to be that sick ever again!!!!

Keep me posted

Finally-Marie- :wave: Welcome!! and you are more than welcome to pop in on any thread that I am on :) BUT I do hope that you stay here is short and sweet!!! I'm very sorry to hear about your m/c's. I know how awful the experience is. We're you being followed by a doc during the PG? Do you know why you m/c? I m/c because my little bean had an extra thread of chromosomes-- so it will not increase my chance for another m/c. Hopeully you will get a sticky BFP soon!!!
Sorry about the BFN. I test on Monday-- but I really don't want to be PG this month. If i had only known it wasn't the Flu BEFORE the IUI's ugh!

Well I gotta go and relax some more (if it's possible I'm going stir crazy!!!

Talk to you all soon!!

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