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Re: 2WW after IUI
Nov 14, 2004
Thanks for the reply. I didn't realize that there were so many couples going through the same thing as my husband and I are. It's a very difficult process. My prayers are with you that you will have good news on the 19th. Even though we've been trying for over three years to conceive, we just recently started seeing a RE. I've been trying to do research on the web. I don't know how many follicles is good or anything like that. My RE said that he wanted to get 3-4 and when he said 7 I just figured that it sounded really good. I'll find out on the 24th. I don't think I'll be getting good news though. I know that's it's only been 5 days since my IUI but something just doesn't feel right. I have discomfort in my lower abdomen. It started about 2 days ago. I really notice it when I relax to urinate or when I'm laying down and sit up. I just feel really sore inside my abdomen. I thought at first that maybe I was getting a bladder infection but I don't have any of the other symptoms. I'm hoping that I don't have OHSS, I just read that you can develop it after treatment with FSH is completed, that it's most pronounced 7-10 days after FSH treatment. I'm not in pain, just discomfort. Well again, best of luck on the on the 19th.


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