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I had a doctor closing the door on me and my husband. My FSH was a 12.5 and I was told he would not treat me further. Well, that was not acceptable!

I found another fertility doctor who is just wonderful. He is even doing natural IUI's on me because I am 43 years old and have not responded to Injectibles with enough eggs.

My DH and I are considering the donor egg program. At least the embryos will be genetically connected to my DH and I get to have the pregnancy. up right now is not an option for us. There is still hope for you and your DH. It sounds like you need to find another doctor that gives you more hope and other treatment options.

On the emotional side - you need to work on your emotions. There are babies everywhere when you are going through this. You need to work at keeping your stress level down, you emotions on track - because you need the faith, the hope and the strength to get through this difficult time. Sure, I am disappointed about me and my DH unable to have kids. But we are trying all the options and treatments available out there. We even spoke to a nice couple that adopted Domestically and found out it is only around $20,000 to adopt with a $10,000 tax credit. So, that is our last option, but we are trying first for own genetic connected kids with medical science.

As for your brother and SIL - let them get an hotel room! They have nerve to live in your house with a newborn. Ask yourself this - will your brother's house be available for you and your dh if you needed a place to live on a temporary basis? If not, then you know you need to sit down with your brother and talk with him. Not your SIL.

Don't come to terms with anything until you found all the options out there. Good luck.

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