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I think follistim and gonal f (which is what I'm doing) are the same, just different brands. I don't blame you for taking a break. I was just talking to a friend today about taking a break for the holidays. I think if this is negative though we're going to continue with that one more gonal F IUI and then take time off before starting IVF. I hope that when you start back up in January, you have great results. Is the lupron to suppress you so that you might produce more follicles or something? I know they give lupron for ivf too. I hope that's the extra kick you need. At least you will be able to really enjoy the holiday season and not have to worry about doctors appointments and shots, etc. My friend is taking a break and she said it's the best feeling. She isn't worrying every second or checking the tp every time she goes to the bathroom. For me, the two week wait is the most relaxing part of the whole cycle. No shots, no doctors appointments, ahh, it's like a vacation except the mental part is doing a number on me.
I also heard a nice story today. A woman my friend works with was making plans to pick up her new baby in china that she was adopting, and she found out she was pregnant. That happens so often, it's crazy. How ironic. God works in mysterious ways I suppose.
Best of luck to you and thanks again for the positive vibes! I'll let you know how it goes friday!
Stacy, that is a beautiful story. Maybe it was meant to be that those two kids were suppossed to grow up together.

Yes, I think our drugs are the same. And the lupron is to prevent me from ovulating early - my body always wants to do that early while stimming. I took a break because I have fibromyalgia and I was feeling a little flared up - probably form other stress...our house is currently under construction...and I recently had a falling out in my family. I was blamed by a few for not helping out to move my parents while going through a treatment. I don't want to get off on this, but I take care of EVERYBODY and EVERYTHING in my family and I had to sit this one out for medical reasons and felt extremely hurt by this. So, I just thought it would be a big waste to go through it feeling this way. Sorry - kinda a long story.

As I have told Doreen, when DH and I do another treatment - we have to decide on IUI (with a bigger dose of follistim and lupron) or to go ahead with IVF (better odds). It is a really big decision and I don't think I am ready to make it right now. I agree with your friend about the break being nice - my dr. said "if you're gonna take one, then really take one...don't think about every little thing you'r doing". So, I am enjoying my wine right now!

I cannot wait to hear your update!!!!!! I'll be sending some vibes!!!!!

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