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I did the search, thanks for the hint. I found it to be an oxymoron but hey I am not the doctor :D . It was quite interesting to read and I am glad to know about it. I find that calling it PCOS is the oxymoron but hey who am I to be able to name a disease!! :D
But still the chem 20 includes a test for your glucose but that isn't really what you want tested (unless your diabetic). Glucophage is a serum insulin reducer.
Metformin (glucophage) lowers elevated blood sugar levels in diabetics, but when given to non*diabetic patients, they only lower insulin levels. Blood sugar levels will not change so doing a chem20 doesn't give the doctor any answer that has an effect on your fertility (again, unless you are diabetic).
To measure the amount of insulin in your body you need to have a c-peptide blood level done. This test should of been done prior to you going on the glucophage to see if you really need it.
You said you end up on progesteron supplements at 7DPO. I am assuming your progesterone is too low to support a pregnancy without it?? How long does your doc have you take the progesterone and then what day do you test for pregnancy?
Do you have the other effects of PCOS? The acne, amenorrhea, hirstuism, discoloration of you skin under arms or breasts or in groin area?
How long have you been taking the glucophage?
have you had an HSG, ultrasounds or any other visual tests done? What about DH did he have SA done or does he have any other children?
Lets get to the bottom of this!!! ;)
Bye the way, I have been ttc for 2 1/2 years. I have idiopathic hyperprolactinemia with PCO but NOT PCOS :) . LOL, isnt that opposite of you!!! I am currently taking bromocriptine to regulate my prolactin levels,which it has done, and I am waiting for my cysts to possibly clean themselves up. Now that my hormones are moving back into a normal routine after the elevated prolactin it is possible the cysts will dissolve. I am giving it 4 more months and then onto clomid + the bromocriptine.
I feel for you! and the heartache fertility challenges bring to you and your husband. May all the struggling women and men be blessed with children.

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