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OK is the history. Stopped BCP 4 years ago, at which time my hormones were so whacked out that I thought I was pg. Every symptom of pg. Turns out that I was not. We tried for 6 more months with no luck. Most of the time I was not having periods. Went to the GYN who said to give it 6 more months before we began testing. After 6 months, still no pg. First thing done was clomid for 2 months. Third month post coital was done. Absolutely no sperm found. We freaked out. This was done by GYN that specialized in infertility. Not an RE. Then...we had SA done on DH. Turns out he is a little on the low side with great motility, but certainly not infertile. His urologist suggested another SA which came back a little higher with good motility. He began zinc. After it was determined that he was not the problem a lap was done by same GYN. He said I had a blocked tube. I was still taking clomid. This was 6 months of clomid!!!! No results. No ultrasounds. No blood work. In my ignorance, I thought he knew what he was doing. :nono: We took a long break!!! We then moved away from the small town we were living in closer to family and to a much bigger city. I began seeing an RE. He began with SA on DH. He decided that DH's count was all over the place, but not low enough for concern. Then it was my turn. I spent one month having every test known to man performed. He warned us it would be a wasted month. He also told me that he doubted that my tube was blocked but that it was common for a tube to clamp shut during testing. Sure enough the tube was open. Uterine lining was fine as well as blood flow. Follicles were plentiful but never grew past a 15. Need to at least be a 19 as I am sure you know. He did not want to do clomid, as he felt I had been on it too long already. Determined PCOS from blood work, unwanted hair (new after stopping BCP), rapid weight gain after stopping BCP, and insulin resistance. Before glucophage, I used to have many episodes of hypoglycemia (sp?) That is gone now. Glucophage was supposed to help me to ovulate on my own..which it did. However, follies were still too small. We have now done two months of follistim with no luck at conception. However the follies grow to 19 or 20. Two the first month and one the second. Just no pg. This is all very expensive!!! I get blood work done every week, as well as ultrasounds to monitor follies and uterine lining. I get progesterone checked 7dpo and it is usually a 12 or 13. Should be at least a 15 on a medicated cycle. Then I start progesterone until AF shows. And the wicked winch always does. My cycles are now 28 to 30 days as opposed to 35 or 40 prior to visits with the RE. This is way too long!!! By the are awesome...I like your style. Thanks for you input. I could use any of your suggestions or help. Here is some baby dust all over you!!!! We are troopers to be going on this long. I hope the clomid works for you!!!!!

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