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For anyone listening...I can't take much more of the poking and proding and blood tests and money and sorrow and tears and pain and childless Christmas. We have been ttc for 4 years!!! I feel AF coming once again. Probably tomorrow. I am tired of watching 16 year old girls get pg while I can't. I know I sound selfish and greedy and horrible. I just cant take this much longer. I am depressed every day. I have had 5 different doctors tell me that they are sure I can get pg. But nothing month after month after month!!!!! I am sorry for being such a [email protected]#$^ . I guess I just needed to vent this to someone besides DH. He is in worse shape than me. He wont even go to a New Years party where there will be babies present. He cries all the time about this and I feel like a big failure as a wife to him. He wants children more than anything in the world. Sorry Guys. :confused:

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