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Hi husband lover :)

When dh and I went thru all the prelim tests we found out my progest level was .3! So I started 100mg clomid back in Sept and had a progesterone level at 23.3. We were so excited that it worked! I didn't have another test until December only AFTER we had our 1st IUI and my level dropped all the way to .5!!! I was so angry!! So, in my experience I did have a great reaction then no reaction at all. Since reading all these boards I've learned that I should be monitored while on clomid, especially having the IUI done. Next cycle (whenever AF decides to show up :confused: ) I will be on 150mg with u/s to check follicle size, if everything looks good, trigger shot then IUI. Just make sure you're monitored!! Good luck to you and tons of baby dust!!

TTC#1, CD 41
1s IUI 12/6 failed no "O"
I'm sorry for your loss. I too lost a baby in August due to an Ectopic. I believe I got my first period about a month later. Sometimes it just takes time.

50mg of Clomid is a very low dose, especially for someone your age. When I conceived (with my ectopic), it was from my 2nd round of Clomid/IUI on 100mg. My first round was only 50mg and I didnt respond very well to it.

Are you doing just Clomid? It's possible you didn't ovulate which is why you had a low progesterone. At your age, you might want to talk to them about having a monitored Clomid cycle (ultrasounds) to see how well you respond, as well as an HCG trigger shot (to induce ovulation) and either IUI or timed intercourse....that is if you're not already doing these things.

Good Luck!
Dear Stephanie72,

I'm so sorry for your loss as well.... You're right, I didn't O in December, so the doc is going to put me on 100mg of clomid this month to see if that will help. He's also going to do "other" lab work today. (I'm not sure what all they will do???) But I will definitely ask about the HGC trigger shot and ultrasounds.

My doc is not a specialist, just an obgyn, so I'm also going to talk to him about referring me. He's a wonderful doctor, but fertility isn't his expertise, and at my age, well, we need to get this show on the road!

Blessings and baby dust your way!!!!!!!

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