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Hi Marie,
I did two cycles of clomid + IUI which didn't work so we moved to injectibles, FSH in the form of Gonal F. We did two IUI's with that and the second time worked and I am finally pregnant (11 weeks tomorrow)! I wish you the best of luck and hope it happens quickly for you.
Our problem was kind of unexplained infertility although my husband's counts were slightly on the low end. I also had a large fibroid removed in January 2004.
You can expect to have to give yourself daily injections starting on day three of your cycle after doing a baseline ultrasound. I had to do maybe 10 days (depends on how your follicles respond) of injections followed by one injection of HCG (the ovulation trigger shot). 36 hours after the HCG, you'll have the IUI.
During the injections, you will most likely be monitored very closely with blood tests (to check estriadiol levels) and ultrasounds to determine how many follicles you're producing and to make sure you don't overstimulate. I think I had to go in every other day for those tests.
The first cycle with injectibles, my doc said was kind of a trial run. I guess since they didn't know how I'd respond, they started me off with the lowest dose, and increased it during that cycle. The second time, they started me off with the higher dose to get my eggs going faster. That's the one that worked.
Many people produce multiple follicles on injectibles so the risk of multiple babies is higher than with clomid. I only produced two to three mature follicles each cycle which was good and I am only carrying one baby. I think they like you to have between two and five mature follicles at the time of the IUI.
Best of luck to you and let me know if I can offer anymore information to help.
Thanks so much for your well wishes! It certainly is an emotional rollercoaster.
I gave myself the injections in the stomach. Alternating between about two inches to the left, right, or below the belly button. I tried it two inches above the belly button and it really hurt so I stayed away from there after that. I think you can also do it in the arm or leg too. My injections were with the tiny subcutaneous needle (right under the skin). If you need intramuscular injections, the needle is longer and you might need the injections in the bum or legs. Someone might need to help you with those.
I never thought I could give them to myself, but I got used to it. My dh gave them to me the first few times but I was determined to learn how to do it myself just in case he wasn't there and I had to. They really aren't bad at all.
Once you have the IUI you're done with injections. I am not sure if it's standard protocol or not but my doc also put me on progesterone suppositories starting the night after the IUI, twice a day. I am still on them in my 11th week, but will be stopping after next week. If pregnancy doesn't occur, you stop the suppositories. If it does, you usually will stay on them through the eighth week at least. I didn't have them when I did clomid. They are kind of inconvenient cause they melt inside you and then leak out so you need to wear a pad or pantyliner.
One thing I heard was that at the time of your hcg trigger shot, your estrogen level should be about two hundred per mature follicle. I noticed (and I don't know if this has anything to do with it) but I never got my estrogen as high as it should have been until my second injectible cycle and that's the one that worked. It might be something to ask your doc about.
Also, this last time, my husbands counts were higher than ever and I am pretty sure it's because we didn't have sex for five days this time around. They say not to let it go further than four days, but it seemed to make a difference for us. They want the final number to be at least ten million (they do all these calculations and come up with a final count at the time of the IUI). The first couple times his counts were in the thirties. The third time we abstained for three or four days and the count went into the seventies. The last time, we abstained for five days and the count was in the nineties. I don't know if that made a difference either.
I am just trying to throw out anything that might have been a contributing factor. But talk to your doc about what they think is best of course.
Please let me know if you have any questions!
Take care! Stay positive! I know how hard this is. I can tell you that even though we went through all this crap for so long, it was all worth it and I would do it again (and probably will have to) in a second!
Good luck!

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