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Hi Stacy

Congraultions on your BFP. We have a similar story to you. We tried clomid 3 times each time producing two or more follicles and my husbands counts are low, but motility is good. We were only going to try it once with injectables, but if the first is considered a trial run then maybe we will opt for two. Were the shots in the abdomen? It doesn't sound too bad. Once you are done with the IUI are you done with the injections? I think I could live with ten days. Thank you so much. Get plenty of rest and enjoy the next 7 months. I am really happy for you because I know what an emotional roller coaster this is. Enjoy
Hi Marie,
They did the same thing to me on my first inj. cycle. I wasn't coming along as fast as they wanted so they upped the meds in mid cycle. But then, the next cycle, they started me off at the higher amount and gave me just enough of a jump start I guess.
I am so happy for you that you're going on vacation! Enjoy it and try to get as much rest and relaxation as possible. I think anyone going through this should get one vacation per month at least! Maybe that's just what you need.
Enjoy and keep me posted. Hope you are going someplace nice and warm (or maybe you already live someplace warm). Where I am in Massachusetts, there has been snow on the ground for at least a month and I can't wait to see grass again. Boy would I love a vacation to a warm beach someplace!
Take care!
Thanks so much for the reply. Yeah, you are right- telling people what is going on with you has pros and cons.... With my exhusband- I was SOOOO closed up about it and didn't tell ANYONE what was going on with me. I kept it all bottled up inside. That was NOT good. People had NO idea what we had been going through and were super shocked when they found out we were getting divorced. I have definitely learned from that mistake and now I am a lot more open with people about what is going on with me. It is nice to have people "there for you" instead of having to go through it alone...but sometimes it is hard having them ask you- even though I KNOW they have the VERY BEST intentions.
Have a great rest of the day.
I just got some not so good news...I am going to do a post.

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