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Hi Marie! Try not to panic yet! I know it's hard not to read into every little symptom or lack of symptoms because I did it constantly. I was 100% sure I was NOT pregnant. I had cramps like i was getting my period. I was on progesterone supplements and so that makes you have the sore breasts and stuff so the sore breasts weren't even out of the ordinary for me since I was taking the progesterone. The only thing I noticed, and it was sooo slight, was the day after the IUI before I started the progesterone, I felt a tiny bit of breast soreness. I don't know if it was pregnancy related or HCG shot related. It wasn't the progesterone at that point because I hadn't started it until later that night.
The only reason I took a hpt was to prepare myself for my BFNegative blood test the next day. I was absolutely shocked it was positive.
I hope that makes you feel a little better. Also, I never really had morning sickness but I did have some gagging/nausea. I noticed about two weeks after the IUI when I was on my way to the doc for the blood test, I actually gagged a few times, but it could have been psychological because I had already taken the positive hpt by that point.
I am soooo hoping for you that you get your bfp. You get to go in for a blood test on thursday right? Let me know how it goes. I will be sending positive vibes your way! It's so hard not to examine every symptom, but try not to drive yourself crazy. I know I drove myself nuts.
Good luck on Thursday and until then, try to do something that you like that will make you feel good and take your mind off of this a little bit. I know, easier said than done.
Let me know how it goes. Praying for you.

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