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I have been in your shoes! About 3 years back, I started to experience some pain with sex and then it moved up to sever pain with my periods. It took me 3 drs to finally agree to do a lap. The first two told me to go get pg and that will solve it. I just could not get through the pain anymore. I was scared about the lap too...but really more relieved because I had to know what the problem was. I really believe that knowing what you're dealing with is better than the fear of the unknown.

Anyway, I had my lap last year and found out that I have stage 3 endo. Luckily it is in the cul-de-sac area (apparently most common for it, but it takes a different kind of surgery to remove it in this area). I had a tiny bit on one ovary that they removed - my tubes are clear - uterus clear. I realize that could change at any time. We did two IUI's w/ follistim last year - both unsuccessful. We will probably move to IVF this year.

I know this is stressful - but if you know what you are dealing with, only then will you know how to proceed. Maybe this is your month though!!!! If it turns out you have to have a lap - please don't be scared - I had minimal pain with it. Please feel free to ask any questions!!! And maybe having one will remove whatever could be causing your pain! Good luck to you!!
Hi Laura! Okay, first of all...take a deep are young and have not been trying very long and chances are that everything is just fine. I am 36 (35 at the time of my lap) and I was put on the "fast track" because of it. That is why we went straight to IUI. Yes, I have been told that I can get pg naturally too. It has not happened yet - but last year was EXTREMELY stressful for me and that probably has some to do with it. It is just my gut feeling. The painful sex - it comes and goes. It can be in different places too. Sometimes towards the back and sometimes on the side like you. Endo can cause cysts that can form on the ovaries and they go away on their own usually monthly - and that can make the side pain worse at times too. The same with painful periods.

My IUI's - both were done with injections of follistim, finishing with an hcg injection. An IUI is were they inject sperm into your uterus - IVF has different kinds. It is typically were they surgically take some eggs and then place them with sperm and any embryos that form after a few days are placed back into the uterus.

Every case is different and there are a lot of different things they can try so just try and relax ( I know, easier said than done) and be good t yourself!

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