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jlteaches...about the 3 month lupron...hmmm...I am not sure if you remember..but I was on the lupron...was supposed to take 2 series of it every 3 first injection was in August...and my second was SUPPOSED to have been in November....but I opted to not take it due to severe hot flashes. My point in this is....I only took the one dose..which was to last 3 did NOT help in ANY way. I have yet to start my period back, and I have been hurting, swelled and bloated for the last month. It really wasnt worth it to me...I feel that the November injection might have benefitted, had I been able to withstand the hot flashes. I took the month to month injections in 2000, for 6 months, and got relief for 2 years. So, I knew the injections worked. I am questioning if you shouldnt be on them for 6 months as well. '

kaelse 25...I read somewhere online a while back that infertility is not to be confused with sterile. Infertility just means that it is harder to become pregnant and that other measures may have to be taken in order to become dont feel that you cant ever have kids...if you were labeled as "infertile". Although...I have 2 kids, luckily....was diagnosed with endo when just before I got pg with my last daughter 11 years ago...I have not used protection in the last 8 years, and have not even come close to getting pg. I have had 3 laps done over the last 11 years...most recent last tubes are open and thats not the reason. Not real sure what the reason is...cant look into it until I have had 2 normal periods.

another thing I want to point gyn told me that when a lap is performed..there is no guarantee that ALL endo was seen and burned out. Sometimes it hides in places that cannot be seen and the doctor cant get to...they get out what they can see, that is visible. This truly made sense to me....with my 1st and 2nd lap..I was going to a different Gyn...and immediately after surgery...after getting my first period after surgery....I still had pain...and could not understand that my present Gyn explained made sense as to why the pain didnt go away after surgery.

Do not rush into having a hysterectomy...try everything else first...and even go for second opinions. You are much too young to even think about having one. My Gyn's (either one of them) would not even discuss one with me until this past year....and I am 32. Before you go that route, you need to find out personally...not through tests only..but by actually see if you can conceive. Some doctors have told patients that they cant have kids...and one day.."voila"..they have one on the way! So, dr's have been known to be wrong. So dont assume without knowing 100% certain. I would love to have another child....and even though my DH and I havent used protection in 8 years....I still refuse to believe that my childbearing days are over...I am just simply not rushing into thinking that it will no longer happen for me.

I hope this helps.

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