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I Have done 2 months of injectibles (follistim pen). I did 50 the first month and got 2 mature follicles after 8 days on 50. That was followed by BFN. Then I did 75 follistim for 8 days and got one mature follicle followed by BFN. I am on a month off by choice. I felt like a pin cushion and could not take the effects of the raging hormones for one more month. :rolleyes: My doctor wants me to do IUI but I am not ready for that. I will not do IVF for religious reasons. I am not even sure about IUI for me. I might give in to it. We have been TTC for four years. I have PCOS. Hubby has been told that his SA is all over the place but not infertile. His count is a little on the low side. We just have a lot going against us. I can't seem to get rid of the anxiety of all of this and am sure that it must have some impact on my fertility as well. By the way.....when my follicle reaches an 18 or 19 I get an hcg injection as well to force ovulation. I have been through clomid (far too long.) I have had every test known to man. I just keep the praying and wondering why God would not want a strong Christian couple to have a baby to raise in this world. As you can see......I am feeling sorry for myself today.
Hope the protocol was helpful, and here is a bunch of baby dust your way.
Good Luck

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