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Hi Jan,
I can respect taking a break. I did that after my last miscarriage and again right before the holidays. It really helped to clear my mind and get ready for the roller coaster ride again. We all know how stressful this is! Good luck with the painting. My husband and I did sponge painting in our office, and I almost gave up! What a pain, but it really looked beautiful when it was done. I'm sure yours will come out the same. Good luck with that!

Hi Marie,
I tried IUI six times and got pregnant last July. I was on gonal-f. Have you had any success yet? What injectible are you using? Having any reactions? Hang in there! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you.

Hi Doreen,
My RE told me that I have "unexplained infertility" and I only have one functional fallopian tube. (One got damaged by the ectopic pregnancy). My DH also has a low sperm count (15 million is his average) and the Dr. said that it is not impossible to get pregnant, but IUI was only a 20% chance and IVF is 65% at my age and he has good success in his practice. Obviously not this time! Uh oh, I sometimes get a little negative, but I can usually pick myself back up again. I get so aggravated with my diagnosis because there is nothing to "fix!" It is very frustrating! What about you? What's your diagnosis? My first cycle of IVF I started with BC and the Lupron. I was on 10mg per night at first, and as soon as I started the stims, I went down to 5 mg per night. He put me on Follistim 225 mg, 1 bottle of Repronex and 1/2 cc of sterile water. That burned a lot when it went in, but it subsided after about 15 min. I was lucky enough not to get any side effects except for that with the stims. I didn't have any reactions when I did gonal-f with the IUI's. My RE suggested I move along to IVF because of only getting the benefit of one ovary and one tube combined with my DH's low sperm count, it was virtually impossible for me to conceive with IUI. It would take a long time and I have been trying for 4 years already. My baby sister just had her 2nd child, and that is really hard! They don't understand how I feel. They try, but they can't comprehend because starting their families were easy for them. Now, not only am I nervous wreck trying to get pregnant, but then I am afraid that I won't be able to carry the baby. My DH is very supportive, I am lucky with that. How is your husband? Mixing all the meds and remembering to take the vitamin, baby aspirin, and so the 2 injections every night is a lot. I made a chart. I guess that is the teacher in me! Very organized. The first time I did the intramuscular injection for the HCG was scary, but then it was fine. My back hurt a lot that night, but that was just my ovaries pumping away! The progesterone injections were OK once I got used to them. I can give you some tips to make them a little more comfortable once you start them. The retrieval wasn't bad, I just had period cramps afterward. The transfer felt just like an IUI to me. I didn't mind that much either. I had 21 eggs retrieved, 14 were mature and fertilized. I had 2 blastocysts transferred - one I was told was perfect, and the other was just OK. The embryologist wasn't very specific, and I wasn't sure what to ask. The rest were not good enough to be frozen. I have an appointment on 2/2 with my RE to go over my protocol this time. He is changing some of my meds and he will speak to the embryologist and get a more definitive answer for me on why they didn't take. I know that I wrote a book, and I would be glad to answer any questions or concerns that you have that I can help you with or just to listen. Thank you for letting me get a lot of stuff off of my chest. I think I will sleep better tonight. I am starting to feel a little desperate. Let me know how you are feeling. What stims/dosages are you on this cycle?

Hope to hear from you soon!

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