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Best of luck to you! My daughter was conceived through IVF and is now five years old. We also had several failed IUI attempts before IVF. We had been trying for about three years. And I had even taken shots for the IUI as well because Clomid never worked and was causing me to develop cysts on my ovaries. Anyway, I was on a drug called Fertinex I believe (Gosh, it's been a long time!!)....either Fertinex or Follistim. And I was on the other when we began IVF. Anyway, the shots aren't all that bad...don't worry. I found that for the subcutaneous ones, the skin on my lower stomach was the least sensitive. For the larger needled for the progesterone oil, I gave them to myself in the thigh. And because my husband is very squeamish, yes I had to give them to myself, and frankly I believe for me anyway, it made it easier because I got to "oversee" the whole thing. OK, so I'm a control freak!!! :) And for someone who is very prone to PMS and the like the mood swings weren't bad and the shots themselves really weren't bad at all, so don't worry. You'll be fine. I remember thinking when I was going through it all like "man, why does everyone always make such a big deal about the shots and stuff?" I really couldn't believe how easy it was once I got used to it. And don't worry about the cancer stuff. Is there anything now a days that DOESN'T cause cancer???? That's the way I look at it!

And now, here's the interesting part and something I was told could happen, but after trying so long to conceive our daughter, I just didn't believe it.....approximately 1 year after having my daughter I conceived my son....naturally. Then another year and a half after that, my youngest daughter was conceived naturally. So you never know. But I do know that I was where you are six years ago and I know exactly what you are going through. And had anyone told me then that six years later I would have three children I would have said they were absolutely crazy. I hate to tell you to be positive cuz I know that can sound so trite, so simplistic. But I really do think that trying to be positive through this, maintaining a support system, which you are doing, and trying to keep your stress levels at a minimum will greatly increase your chances of success. Best of everything to you and I will keep you and your husband in my prayers. Please keep us posted.
My husband and I just went through IVF last month. I began with 21 days of birth control, followed by lupron shots and follistim. It really wasn't that bad. My husband would prepare the lupron and follistim shots for me and I would give them to myself in the stomach. It was much easier to give them to myself than for my husband to do it. The only drug that I had side effects from was the Lupron. I had severe headaches for two days and then after that I just felt "out of it". Once I started the Follistim I was able to decrease the Lupron dose by 1/2, which made a world of difference. After the egg retrieval, I stayed home for 48 hours. This was also when I began the progesterone shots. They aren't bad either. I ice my backside for about 15 minutes before the shot and I don't even feel when my husband gives it to me! Afterwards, I use a heating pad on the area for 5 minutes. I'm barely sore the next day.

We went through 3 IUI cycles with clomid and then 3 IUI cycles with injectibles (Follistim). All 6 were unsuccessful.

I am happy to say that we got pregnant with on our first round of IVF. We are still both shocked, yet excited. Our baby (or babies) is due on October. We will find out next Tuesday whether or not we're having twins.

My advice is to anyone going through IVF is to drink as much water as possible while you are on the drugs. It really helps lessen the side effects. Also, do whatever you have to do to stay calm... go for massages, go shopping, get your nails done... whatever makes you feel good!

Good luck - try to stay positive and know that it can happen! :)

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