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Re: Need advice
Feb 23, 2005
I had CIN III and a LEEP about 9 months before I got pregnant. I had actually gone to the doctor to see about my infertility (hadn't had periods in 2 years at that point) when they discovered the CIN. Anyway, the LEEP had no effect on my fertility. It was PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). Once I changed my diet, started ovulating and having periods again (about 4 months after the LEEP), I was pregnant within 3 months. I don't think my CM was affected, but I was on Clomid (mild fertility drug), which does affect CM, so I just used Preseed (a very sperm friendly lubricant). So, even if you do have your CM affected, the Preseed is a very easy solution to that. You can get it a lot of places online.

During my pregnancy, I had to have a few ultrasounds to check for an incompetent cervix, which means your cervix might not lengthen and close like it's supposed to during pregnancy. The LEEP can cause this, but it's rare. They check for it with anyone who's had a LEEP. If it does happen, it's easily fixed, they just stitch your cervix closed, so your it can hold the baby in. No big deal.

While I was actually in labor, my labor progressed kind of funny due to the LEEP. There was a lot of scar tissue down there, so it took it a while to start breaking up, and once it did start breaking up, it was painful, lots of bleeding (purely from the cervix, so baby was safe), and it progressed quickly after that (from 6-10 cm in 45 minutes, which boils down to going through about half my labor in 45 minutes), it was very slow before that. If I'd had an epidural, I probably wouldn't have even noticed much, but I was doing it natural. Again, it wasn't a huge deal, but a little different than normal.

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