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Dani, Firewife and Tes,
Thanks much for all the info and encouragement! Now I know something is wrong here...
I didn't know whether I O last month. I had US on cd 13 and that's when the dr told me I had 3 follicles, 1.6 cm to almost 1.8 cm each. How would I know if I am ovulating? should i go for another US?

I don't have a clue of why dr put me on clomid for so long. now i'm a bit worried thinking that i've taken too much of it. i'll go and ask dr tomorrow. and maybe taking it at night would be a good idea. the thing is, i had to take it twice a day (since i was put on 100mg/day), so i couldn't really avoid taking it during the day.

Oh, and I finally told my dh what has happened, and he felt sorry i didn't told him earlier. i should have... well he's been very supportive and he said if the dr can't give us a good reason then we better find a new dr.

Tes, good luck for the test. I think it's coming your way... let me know the result, ok?

thanks all,
hi all,
i went to see the dr yesterday, i just couldn't wait any longer. the dr told me that he was aware of the side effects, but i shouldn't worry because it is only temporary. once i drop it, then i'll have no effects. well, i did have no effects after i dropped the thing on day 8. if i still get af next month, he'll give me something else and i should take it at night, just like what you guys advised.

the reason i had it for so long is because my condition has been very poor. before the clomid, both ovaries hardly produced follicles. when i had us last night, even with clomid only my right ovary produces follicles. the left one is just empty!! but the follicles on the right are now quite big. there are 4 of them, one is 23mm, another one is 26 mm, and the rest are smaller. even my dr was excited!!

i'm keeping my fingers crossed but trying to loosen up a bit at the same time and just see how it goes.


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