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Thanks! I am doing ok! I spoke to my doctor again and he wants me to wait till next week and if still no period then I will have more blood test done. Yeah please wait to see if you are late. I wish I would have never taken the test earlier. So my doctor thinks it could be one of two things. I am pregnant and it isn't far enough along to show up (especially since I am nausea and sick to my stomach really bad and haven't been able to really eat) or it could have been a chemical pregnancy where I was pregnant but lose it to soon to really know.
Thanks though your thoughts really make it better. All I have done is cry and am just so down. Thanks

I would bed bed bed my doctor told me that you can bed as much as possible both days. it is really up to you. since we are TTC we usually wait till I O to bed then we bed like 3 or 4 times the first night then the same the next night. so it is all up to you. It is like the more you get up there the better. ha..ha! but I guess everyone would tell you different. I am really glad though that you like the digital O'ing test
Good luck

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