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I've been on provera a number of times, with my first RE (whom I despised), my OBGYN (whom I adore) and my current RE (whom I have full confidence in). I have been prescribed 10 days and 5 days of provera.

With the first RE, I started bleeding on about day 7, and they made me take the full 10 days. Subsequently, my OBGYN and current RE said that if I started bleeding while taking provera, to stop the provera - my body was ready for a "period". Given my feelings about my Dr's, I trust my OBGYN and RE on this - why keep taking it if your body is ready? I count my first day of flow as CD1 (if I just have spotting, which I oftern do on the first day, I don't count that).

Now when my RE prescribes provera, he only prescribes 5 days. For that, I take the full 5 days and usually get a period a few days after the last pill (though for some people it is a bit longer before flow starts).

Hope this helps. I would check with your Dr. if you start bleeding early, just to be sure. Good luck with the Clomid!
i have been on it twice in the last couple of years. the first time....i started after 3 days of taking provera....i was told to discontinue taking it. this last time..
i was told and i quote " you can start your period anytime after starting the provera...on up to three weeks down the road.....stop taking the provera if your period starts before the 8th day...if you start your period on or after the 8th day...continue taking this rest of the 10 day supply." i started on the 8th day of taking provera, so i had to continue taking the last 2 pills.

so, you may start anytime after beginning the provera....or it can still take up to 3 weeks for you to get a period. hope this helps.

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