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Re: May Miracles
Jun 1, 2005
I am so excited about it, I just cannot believe that its next week! The doc called me last night and had me go ahead and lower the follistim down to 50 and tomorrow at my next appointment they said they may lower it some more, plus lower the repronex down to a half cc. They said the ones that are growing are really good but they don't want the other ones to start growing a lot bigger cause I would blow up lol. So naturally they have to play with the meds a little bit. Well again with my neighbors they had a perfect egg and an "okay" egg if you will, and they both took. It was funny cause the "okay" egg took longer to show up on ultrasound and everything it was really cute. Boy I went over there last night and the poor lady is absolutely huge! And my other neighbor just popped they had a little girl and three other neighbors are about to give birth also. So our neighborhood went from being young couples to growing families, Its nice. Hey I want to get your opinion on something. A friend and I went to get massages the other day, I started having a conversation with my therapist about my IVF. He started telling me that he knows a lady that does acupuncture. So after he talked to that lady about me she called me up last night offering her services. She told me that the reason why some women do not have success with this procedure besides whatever medical reasons, is that the uterus is under stress from the whole thing and when they go to put the embryo inside the uterus it contracts detaching the embryo. So she said that if I would like to I can go over to her before the procedure and she can do her acupuncture right before the procedure and that will but my uterus in complete relaxation, another words there is pressure points all over my body for my uterus alone. I really don't see a down fall after thinking about it all night last night. It actually sounds like it may be worth it. So I googled it acupuncture and IVF good morning America did a study on it every article I read was very positive. So I am gonna talk to my Doc about it just to make sure he doesn't object, then I think I will do it. After you going through all this what do you think about it?

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