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hi ladies,
i was on provera for 10 days. i finished my last pill 5 days ago and there is still no sign of af. it's got me worried. i have taken provera twice in the past. the last time was 2 months ago and both times i got af within 5 days.
could something else be wrong? i am waiting for af so i can start my first cycle of clomid and the waiting is really hard.
isn't it true that af can take up to 2 weeks to show up after the last pill?
i guess i'm just wondering why it would work quickly in the past and not this time?
i have been pretty stressed out this last couple of months since i found out i have pcos. i wonder if that might be part of it.
anyway, any reassurance would be very helpful.

HI, i have taken provera twice now, the first time i got af within 2 days and this cycle i got af within 6 days, so dont worry. I was also told it can take up to 14 days, stress could be delaying it so try not to worry, i know its hard especially when you are waitng to take you first round of clomid.
Try to be patient it will happen.
Take care & good luck
leet me know how you get on
Louise :)
thanks louise,
i finally got af this morning, well, it's more like spotting now but my cramps are getting worse, so hopefully it will turn into full-blown af soon.
i guess that means i start clomid on thursday.
please keep your fingers crossed for me.

by the wa, i had some really really light spotting last night. it was so light that i only noticed it when i wiped and i had to strain to see it. i shouldn't count yesterday as cd1, right?

thanks again.
Just from my experience (that's all I have :) )
After three provera series I got AF after 4,5 & 9 days. This last time I had spotting for three days and then day 6 full blown flow.

I would not count the very light/night spotting.

Best of luck!!
hi-i was just lurking and thought i would share my story. i was on provera back in november for 1 month. after i stopped i did not have a period for 2 months after. then the first one was very very heavy. the next month i had 2 periods within 2 1/2 weeks of each other. i finally had a normal one in april. i do not like provera because of the side effects. i was told it was used for pcos and to clean the uterus linning. i don't think it helped it only made things worse. i used a natural progesterone cream called "happy pms" and that was when i started my period after the two months.

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