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Hello! I'm not quite in the same boat as you, but I am starting an IVF cycle now - so about one month ahead of you. I have anovulation of unknown cause, am Clomid resistant, and respond too well to injectable medication to do IUI (I was always cancelled b/c of too many follicles).

I am starting Lupron tomorrow, and hoping to baseline and start Gonal-f injections in 10-12 days after that. I have a friend who did IVF/ICSI due to male factor. They had 8 eggs retrieved, 4 fertilized, and they transferred the best 3 on the third day. They became pregnant with twins (who are now health 1 year olds).

I can understand being nervous. I had done two IUI cycles before my IVF so I was familiar with some of the shots, and the monitoring. Even so, I was an emotional wreck during my first IVF cycle because I felt there was so much at stake. The shots were easy for me - it was waiting for the phone call every day to get my test results that made me crazy.

I know I'm ahead of you, but if you want to chat, don't be shy! I had a chemical pregnancy on my first try, which my RE said was a good sign for future success (but didn't make that loss any easier). I am cautiously hopeful for try #2.

2 days of Lupron least 8 to go until I can get my baseline test and see if I can start Gonal-f. This is one time I hope my period comes right away so I can get started!

I'd say my DH is handling things better than me most of the time! I tend to cry a lot after starting Gonal-f. I'm sure it's a mix of hormones, nerves, and last time the crushing disappointment of a chemical pregnancy. He is my rock to lean on. He is also great with giving me shots.

On the more broader picture of family, conceiving and such, it's a bit harder because we are not quite in tune with one another. He is 100% supportive of doing IVF, but he also wants a family asap, and I know it saddens him to be without. He is very interested in adopting, and if I agreed, he would be happy to start adoption proceedings today. I am not against adopting (and I think we will adopt at some point, irregardless of the outcome of IVF), but I also don't want to "give up" on experiencing pregnancy and birth so soon. As far as my diagnosis, my only problem is anovulation (and responding too well to meds to do IUI), so I feel like IVF should work for me.

Strange for me, it is my DH that feels the fatherhood clock ticking away. He is turning 38 next week, I am 33 (will be 34 in August).

[COLOR=Magenta]Hi Girls, I had my transfer June 23 and have been taking it easy for the past 3 days. We transfered 1 blast and 2 morulas. I have my progesterone test June 28 and pregnancy test July 5. Hoping for a BFP! [/COLOR]
Tiki and Qt,

I am confused about the day I go back for my test and my retrieval was done on 6/29 and I also had a 5 day transfer on July 3rd. Right now, I am scheduled to go back for my pregnancy test on Sunday the 17th. Do you think it is appropriate for me to call and request an earlier test date because of the 5 day transfer? Based on when you went back QT, it seems like they should be able to know before the 17th for me. Like everyone said, I am having a hard time thinking about what the outcome is and am thinking that we are going to get a BFN.

As I mentioned in my last post, I have no symptoms. I know I have read that some people have symptoms while others don't but I think I am trying hard to not feel dissapointed and am having a hard time being positive and realistic at the same time. We also received our report regarding our embryos and none of the were good candidates for freezing.

Hope you both have a good weekend.

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