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I had the Repronex in the tush, so I can't help you with thigh issues. I didn't have any issues at all with the Lupron (your follistism). When I started with the Gonal F (tummy shot) I got one huge bruise. But that was it.
I've been on either Repronex (before retrieval) or Projesterone (after transfer) and I can tell you the top portion of my tush is hard as a rock! It's no wonder it hurts. We keep poking around for a soft spot to *****, but they are getting harder to find!! ;)
I took had the ICSI, but for an entirely different reason. I had no partner. So, what I can tell you is they do it to give the egg a better chance at fertilization. Inserting a single sperm into an egg makes it's easier. If you look around this site, you'll see that others have also used it who have DH's with severe male factor. One woman had it done one day after retrieval as they had discovered his sperm swam sideways. Something they hadn't discovered in all that time. So, the ICSI worked really well for them. Couldn't have worked otherwise.
Good luck to you. You're just starting out. It's a long journey...but worth it in the end.

I had the retrieval done last Tuesday so we have been doing the progesterone shots for 5 nights. So far, this is what I have found that works best for me. I ice the area for about 10 minutes and I try to get it quite numb. At the same time, I have my DH warm up the vial in his hands. After he gives me the shot, I have been LIGHTLY massaging the area so that the medicine doesn't pool in that spot and then I use a heating pad for about 15-20 minutes. I would be curious to see if anyone here runs the vial under water as we haven't tried that yet. I know it sounds like a lot of work but when I have done this regimen, it does relieve a lot of the soreness that I experienced earlier in the week. I go in for the transfer today which ended up being a 5 day transfer and I am anxious to see how many made it.

Good luck with your shot and let me know how it goes.
We tried running my first progesterone shot under warm water last night and it worked well. My dr recommended that I try warm heat on the injection spot prior to the injection and after and it seemed to work pretty well.

We heard from the dr yesterday and we have 13 embryos out of the 15 eggs that were harvested and 3 of them are Grade A/1. He wants to do a day 5 transfer since we had so many embryos and he things well have around 9 by day 5 but he'll be able to tell which ones are going to be champs. He only wants to put 2 embryos back and with luck, we'll have some to freeze.

I have been really sore the past couple of days and he wants me to get scanned on Thursday just to make sure that I don't have OHSS. I've been really bloated but I do have stomach problems so that could have something to do with it...that and the fact that they had to basically sit on my stomach to keep my ovaries from floating around.

Wishing you luck on your transfer. Let me know how it goes.
hey Tiki!

I also didn't have the typical 2 week way. I was sent in on day 8 and 10. On day 8 they take a draw, and then compare it to day 10. If the numbers increase then it's a positive result. So technically, it was 2 weeks from retrieval, but not from transfer. weird

No, you shouldn't get a full blown period. You can however spot. I'm told that is somewhat normal. I beleive it's when the egg is attaching itself to the uteran wall. If it feels like heavy cramping, or you're bleeding like a regular period I would call the doctor. BUT....if my calculations are shouldn't be due for your period until after your 8 or 10 day blood draw anyway. A couple of days to be exact.

When was the first day of your last period? And what day was retrieval and transfer?

Also, I think you may have only an 8 day wait because you went with a 5 day transfer?

My last period started on June 18th, my retrieval was on July 2 and my transfer was July 7. I took a little longer than most for my follicles to ripen but, what can I say...I'm getting good at waiting :)

What are these symptoms that everyone is talking about after a transfer? I've heard people say it might feel like you have a period coming on but that's about it. My nurse said I could cramp or spot. Right now, I've been taking it easy but every now and again I get this fluttery/queasy feeling in my uterus. It's the same feeling that I get the 1st day or 2 of my period. Should I be concerned? I've been getting it since the day they did the transfer and it happens about 10 times a day or if I stretch.


Ali is right. You could always call your doc for an earlier date. It's usually 2 weeks from tranfer. Or about 3 - 5 days before the first date of what would be your next period.


I didn't feel a thing! I got emotional on the day I did my final test. Although I had constipation, I was associating that with the meds. But generally ...I felt nothing, didn't spot or cramp. After the day i got my good news I started feeling like a period coming on. On the other hand, my mother claims to have gotten queazy the day after conception! So, everyone is different. The stretching thing is apparently our ligaments stetching to make room for our enlarging uterus. So that could be a good sign.

Both of you....hang in there. You both should here something this week it sounds like. I'm wishing you both lots and lots of baby dust.

In the mean time, take it easy, don't stress, put your mind on something else. The time will fly.

-love to you all.......stacey

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