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I have a long day today I have a sonogram at 2:30 then I have to see the OBGYN right after at 3:15. He is a specialist so he takes so long to do everything. the last time I went my appointment was for 4:15 I did not leave until after 7 I was so tired. I am glad to hear your follies are good at least one good one, and it is a plus that they are monitoring you so well, my doctor did the same, their are doctors who just give out meds and have you come back weeks later I hate when I hear that, it's like what if something happenes in between. I took so many tubes of blood last time I saw him which was the first time, I get the results for everything today.

Why not try rogaine for woman my husband has a hair loss on the sides I forgot what that is called but for men they can always shave all their hair off and it would be the same. I told him to try it also. I have the opposite problem. I grow t much hair every where. I have to go to electrolysis to remove hair from my chin and neck. I use Veet to remove hair on my chest, breat, stomach and legs. I have long very thick hair so I have hair for you plenty extra. I hate it and it also makes me very self contious. I have been doing electrolysis for more than 6 months and to me it still grows back just the same maybe a little slower but at least I am not picking it so the black mark and bumps are gone. But I can understand how you feel. Our appearnace is always very important especially in things that we view as different.

I started to spot last night aslo, always when I wipe myself. I am going to ask the doctor about the today to make sure everything is fine. I am also going to mention to him that my two sisiters jsut had m/c this year and if it would be more helpful for me to be back on progestrone again because I did not spot at all while taking progestrone. I pray that everything is ok.

As far as the baby shower is concerned my MIL called me last night to give me the heads up that my husbands baby mother and daughter would be coming to the baby shower also. I had known because his daughter made sure she told me that her and her mother would come to the baby shower because she was invited by my husbands cousin who the baby shower is for. I was OK with it but my problem was I was the first person she went to even before she was sure she was pregnant she told me that she told me when she was preg when noone else knew and she went and invited my husbands baby mother and never said anything to me. So anyway my MIL told me she was coming Friday and I asked if she was spending the night because we were going to spend the night at her house because my husband had to work and we live like a hour away and she said I think so. I don't have a problem with his baby mother but it is just okward. What do you think? I hope I explained it well.

I have backed out of two baby showers this year because I just was not up to going. I was excited about this one and helping but now I feel different.

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