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Re: Ivf
May 28, 2005
Hi Mike,
Hope I can be of some help.

The stimulation medication for IVF can be the same as for IUI. If your wife responded well to the Repronex in the IUIs, then she might use the same med for IVF. The issue is that there are 4 injectable meds. Two you likely used for IUI (repronex and HCG) and 2 of which 2 you likely did not (Lupron and progesterone). They are:

Lupron (or other suppression medication) - started during first menstrual cycle and continues until 2 days before egg retrieval. Given in the morning, subcutaneous.

Repronex (or other stimulation medication) - started after second period, given in evening, though sometimes both in morning and evening. Subcutaneous.

HCG - given 36 hours before egg retrieval in buttocks.

Progesterone in oil - started after egg retrieval, in buttocks.

On the morning shot, you will be given a time frame in which the meds need to be given - I think my RE specifies between 5 and 8 or 6 and 9 (can't quite recall). So, 4:30 may be too early. You can do the subcutaneous shots in the thigh, abdomen or back of the arm. So as to rotate my sites, I do my morning Lupron in the abdomen (switching sides each day) and evening stimulation shot in the thigh (again switching sides). Back of the arm seems weird to me, so I've never used it.

My DH does all the shots for me, but I could do them myself if I had to. Actually, the first stimulation shot I had to do myself b/c my husband was at work until 11 pm. It went fine.

The HCG shot and progesterone in oil can be a little hard to do by yourself because of the dexterity needed to reach your own behind! Plus the needle is longer and kind of creepy!

When I first went to my IVF "class", they had time afterwards for showing us how to do the shots with my nurse. They were very patient and would spend as much time practicing with you as you need. So, if your wife needs to do her own shots, she can practice with a nurse until she feels comfortable with it.

Best of luck (off to do my evening shot in 29 minutes.......)


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