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Hi again Stacey,

I didn't have (and won't have this time) ICSI or assisted hatching. My understanding is that ICSI is used for low sperm counts or other sperm problems, but we don't have that so ours just fertilize without any help. I'm not sure when they do AH - something to do with the embryo "shell" (OK, that's not the right word, but I can't think of it). Mine apparently hatch on their own fine, so we are just straight IVF.

On the retrieval, I am actually scheduled for retrieval tomorrow morning, and looking forward to it. They have you arrive about an hour early and explain what's going to happen, and check your vital signs, etc. They put an IV in your arm, and before going into the OR, they gave me something in my IV to relax me, I think. I was wheeled in, and people started fussing with me - putting my legs in these hanging holders, hooking up some monitors, and stuff. Well, next thing I know I was waking up! I have no recollection of anything. You wake up quicker than with inhaled anaesthetia. They gave me juice and crackers, and when I felt fine, I went home (maybe about 30 minutes after waking up).

You are on bed rest the day of and the day after surgery. The day of, you are pretty groggy for the rest of the day from having anaesthetia. I remember vegging out on the couch, and drifting off for a nap several times. They gave me an RX for percaset (unsure of spelling) and also told me I could take Tylenol. I didn't take either - I had discomfort for 2-3 days, but (ironically) I don't like taking medication. On the surgery day, I was fine lying down but it was unpleasant if I moved around (but clearly not bad since I didn't take meds). The next day I was sore, so I took it easy and watched movies most of the day. The 3rd day I was fine - still took it easy, because I started having some mild symptoms of OHSS (which I didn't really know what it was at the time - mild upset stomach, some bloating). I think the issue of pain is based on how easy it is for them to get to your ovaries. I guess mine are easy!

Yup - you are right on the progesterone. You start shots the day after the ER.

Hey Jeanine!

Sounds like you have a great job. Certainly more flexible than mine. I have to tell made me giggle with your comment about being the only woman in the department and not telling the men about follicles, sperm etc! :jester: Pretty funny.

I won't tell anyone at least the 2nd trimester, unless I've balooned and I'm carrying more than one!

Took my trgger shot last night at 10pm. Didn't hurt as much as the Repronex. But my fat pants are sure fitting today!

When I was in yesterday I beleive he said he saw 5 follicles on the left and 3 on the right. My E2 # from Friday was 1292. I took another E2 plus an Progesterone blood test yesterday right after my appointment when they told me I was 'ready.' When the nurse called me she said everything looked good. Didn't ask her anything to clarify. I go in today at 2:30 for more instructions.

Today it's a clear liquid diet that will include the Golytle to clean me 'out' before surgery tomorrow. Hoping it will help with some of the bloating, but I'm not looking forward to making the porcelain my freind today. ;)


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