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I have been on clomid for 4 months. Yes I did feel sick. I didn't realise it was a side effect and after being nauseous for a few days checked the packet info and realised what was causing it. I had bad side effects for the first few months but now they are not too bad, just hot flushes.

I went on this as my periods were between 5-8 weeks apart and it has totally regulated me to 28 days. However, last month I ran out of ovulation sticks and seemed to be late ovulating but couldn't check when it was for sure as had no sticks! All I know now is its almost 5 weeks since last AF. Got my hopes up and did a test just after 28 days but it was negative.
Not sure what is going on but can't face doing another test to see a BFN again.

I read on the internet that there has been a study done which showed an increase in pregnancies when the drug was taken on the first day of AF. Thats the only thing I did different last month as I take it on day 2 anyway so didn't think it would make much difference. However, now I don't know whats happening. I'm going to ask for follicle tracking next month.

Every month I think 'maybe this is it' and imagine symptoms so I know what you mean.
Good luck on the clomid. Hopefully the nausea will go away for you too.

monday................did another test.............negative. Feeling very confused and very sad.

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