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Needing advice
Jun 14, 2005
After ttc for 3 1/2 dh and I are facing the infertility battle full force :) After several doctor's appointments through the past few weeks, and lots of testing later, we finally found out why we have not gotten pregnant. It seems to be that even on what should be my most fertile days, my eggs are only developing 50% the size they should be. So therefore, they are only half as big as they would need to be to be fertilized. I received a prescription for my first round of clomid and estrogen. I will go into the dr. on my 13th or 14th day for a scan of follicles and if all looks good, i will get a shot and have an iui treatment the next day. Can someone please just encourage me and let me know if they have experienced or heard of this before....and if anyone's had success. Just needing a little reassurance!! Thanks
Re: Needing advice
Jun 16, 2005
Wow so you had the hsg testing done as well huh!! Me too! Everything there was great, same as yours :) Dh's sperm did not have the same problem as your dh, however, his testing was on the "low-normal" side, however, the dr. said it shouldn't be anything that prevents us from getting pregnant. I do only have one ovary though, had a large 4.5 lb ovarian cyst inside my left ovary, fallopian tube wrapped around ovary, and it died. I of course, had to have the entire ovary removed. So I wasn't totally surprised when after 2 years, I still wasn't pregnant. After 3 1/2 years though, it's kinda ridiculous!! lol
That's great your dh was so cooperative with the iui and giving a sample in the office. The only problem with us having to do the iui, is that we live 1 hour from the lab where we have to go to have it done. I think the more time that passes before the iui, the more my husband get's a little nervous, I pray that he just stays brave lol
I can't wait until the 25th for you!! I pray you get a bfp!!!!! That would be so wonderful!! I should be starting the clomid on the 26th!!! I called the pharmacy today to get prices on my prescriptions (clomid and estrogen), a lot cheaper than I thought, and estrogen is actually covered by insurance. Does your insurance cover any of this process?????

You will be in my prayers as well, glad to hear from you again!! Thanks a lot!!!! Keep in touch.......

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