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First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone for your replies and support. I just got in after a LONG day at work and it was great to read everyone's positive thoughts and comments. It really does help! :)

I think the thing with my doc is that he doesn't want to give people false hope. I asked him Sunday about it. I mean considering everyone that goes to him is there for a reason...I asked who does he give hope to? He didn't really answer but was cautious to let me know that he doesn't want anyone to mis-interpret anything as a "promise". But basically I said...but you've seen women in worse situations than me, right, and he agreed. I think his concern mostly is with DH and the male factor. It wasn't very promising and he doesn't think IUI will do the trick. As for me, well, he said he expected to see 7-8 follicles on each side for someone my age...but I have read that that would be too many for who knows.

As for changing docs...well...he came HIGHLY recommended. There are only 2-3 docs here total that do this type of thing. And since I am stuck on an island in the middle of the Pacific, it's not like I can just drive to another state. I do like him. I think he is honest and up front with people. Also, he was in the military for 21 years and actually started the infertility/IVF clinic at the military hospital here prior to retiring, so I know he has excellent experience. And with his military background he can understand our point of view coming from a military treatment facility. There was no way I was waiting 2 months for a consultation there....and then even if they thought I was a candidate for IVF, there is a 1- 1.5 year waiting list for that as they only do 50/year. By that time, I probably won't be living in Hawaii anymore. So, again I am very fortunate that I have insurance with my job. As for them covering the treatment, well again I am fortunate that Hawaii is one of those states that has laws that madate this kind of stuff.

On another note, 2 people I know told me today they are pregnant...that is the third in a week....the next one I just may slug...LOL! My goal for the week is POSITIVE THOUGHTS ONLY and so far I am doing pretty good.

Sorry this was so long....but thank you for everything! I finally feel like someone understands me!


PS - that book sounds interesting...I think I may look for it.

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