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2ww and symptoms
Sep 5, 2006
... for those of you who have received a bfp what symptoms did you have during your 2ww and when did they appear. today my breasts feel real tender and swollen, much like before my af which is over a week away, and i have lots of twinges and such. ... (2 replies)
Nov 27, 2004
... But..i'm excited for our 2ww! Your symptoms sound promising. Today i don't have any more cramps...Dh asked me if I feel any different yet..haha... ... (31 replies)
... and with the 1st one I had cramps so bad for days after and also sore breasts, but I had that pretty much the whole time I was on Clomid. The 2nd IUI, I had NO symptoms except the sore breasts, as well as the 3rd IUI, just a little cramping from over stimulation of the ovaries. ... (7 replies)

... I really hope this final IUI works for you. Did you do injectibles with it? ... (45 replies)
... your AF should come 2 weeks after "O" if that was the 17th then ... It's sad they had to mess with your perfectly good cycle!! I am on 2nd IUI and 9dp iui with Clomid only. ... (41 replies)
2ww symptoms
Jun 7, 2007
... If so, I guess symptoms would come quite late.. ... (10 replies)
2ww symptoms
Jun 6, 2007
... Not that it matters, with my first IUI I had all kind of symptoms until day 14 when they stopped and I knew I am not pregnant. ... (10 replies)
... Hi guys! I'm also in the dreadful 2ww after being away from these boards for a while. ... (93 replies)
... Well went in for my 2nd IUI this morning. Really liked the nurse who did the insemination. She was very informative. ... (4 replies)
... As posted earlier, I had my 1st IUI on 13 feb ..Today is the 5th day after the procedure.. ... (2 replies)
... a small chance of concieving it is astounding and going through this again I was reminded what a miracle he is and how much is still in God's hands. With him my IUI was canceled because I ovulated early and I thought there was no chance. I had no hope and had NO pregnancy symptoms. ... (37 replies)
... I am 9 DP IUI and my mind is starting to race back and forth "am I pg? ... (15 replies)
... Anyway, I hope your 2WW is going well and FAST!!! My prayers are with you and I'm always sending BABY DUST!! ... (7 replies)
... I was reading and was so sad that you got a bfn. I also tested on the 19th and got a bfn and started clomid again and should be getting my iui on the 3rd. so we will see , I was having all the symptoms and thought I was preg but sence learned that almost everyone has the same symptoms preg or not. ... (33 replies)
2ww symptoms
Jun 7, 2007
... uld have the insemination on June 15th if all goes well with the scan. I had really sore breasts for my first 2 IUIs until a few days before my test day. I think symptoms can change all the time though.. Sometimes I get really sore breasts and other times nothing, even though I have ovuated. ... (10 replies)
IVF 2ww worse????
May 16, 2007
... uns. I hope that you will be able to take your mind off of it at least a little bit as you get back to your activities. I also hope you will start feeling less symptoms from the overstimulation soon. That's got to be tough. I'm praying for you hon. I truly hope it works for you. Hang in there and try to be positive. ... (13 replies)
In the 2ww!
Dec 19, 2006
... bfp which we now have a 17mos old son. When i had my bfp, i didn't have any real symptoms at first and when it was getting nearer to af coming I had all the pms symptoms and spotted like i usually do. This last IUI i had some intense cramping for 5 days after. I'm currently 13dp IUI.. ... (59 replies)
... low progesterone. So he's giving her Prometrium after the IUI rather than progesterone suppositories. Is this was you're taking? ... (18 replies)
... For those of you that have been/are pregnant, what were your symptoms (if any) during the dreaded 2ww? I've had some friends that had no clue they were pregnant for weeks and others that started vomiting almost instantaneously. I always thought that I would know exactly when/if I was pregnant, but after hearing this wide range of stories, I guess I'm not so sure. Thanks for... (2 replies)
... Hi Jess just wanted to let you know as well.I agree with the girls most women get no real symptoms this early.I had an IUI back in May it was my 8th IUI. ... (43 replies)

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