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What do u think
Jul 13, 2005
Ok tell me what u think. i took clomid this month. My hubby and i
> bedded on Friday which was my 11th day. i am using ovulation kits
> so
> i was going to hold off until i had a surge. On my 13 day i still
> had
> not had a surge. The day of the 14th we bedded that morning which
> was
> yesterday. Last night around 5:00PM i had a surge on my ovulation
> stick. I wasn't able to do anything last night because my hubby
> went
> to bed early because he had to get up at 3:00 so we are planning on
> bedding tonight. But this morning when i got up i took my temp
> again
> and it has risen to 98.2. So I think i ovulated last night. Will
> it
> be too late to bed tonight? Also i didn't see it coming because
> normally i have alot of mucus and i was actually a little dry
> yesterday morning. I haven't had a lot of mucus. Did u take
> robitussin for your mucus when u took clomid? I heard that the
> robitussin makes more mucus drainage. So i don't know if i had
> timing or not since we only bedded yesterday morning. I am a
> little
> sore feeling in my right side today. But then again my son jumped
> off
> the side of the pool Saturday right on me and his knee hit me in my
> hip bone so i have a bruise there. U don't think that would of
> caused
> any problems with my ovaries or anything do u? It hurt.

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