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I started a Sept IVF Buddies thread, but nobody joined in. So I'm really happy you're starting a new one!

So, I think we've chatted before, back in June. Perhaps you were looking at the costs of IVF?

Anyway, by bio........41 years old, no DH (not lucky in love yet) so I'm on my own with this. I'm on BCP too, also taking Prenatal Vitamins (PNV). I should be getting my schedule on Aug 31 when I go in. I should be starting meds somewhere in the middle of Sept with retrieval and transfer at the end of the month.

This is my second round. The first although succesful, resulted in a chromosonal miscarriage. I'm told it was the age of my eggs. I went 6 weeks when the fetus stopped developing. My doctor is very optimistic for this 2nd round. They'll have me on the highest protocol of meds to produce eggs (they retrieved 17 eggs last time, 12 were fertilizable and 7 survived to transfer. Of those 7 none were of grade 1, 4 were of grade 2, and 3 of grade 3. All eggs divided no less than 7 times. The 4 grade 2's were transferred back to me). I'm doing all I can right now to stay on a healthy diet and excercising (lost another 5 lbs! yea! - I'm overweight so the more I can take off safely, the better for me)

They performed ICSI on the eggs (are you having that done?) and Assisted Hatching right before transfer. Certainly the best route for me my age my eggs are harder than those of younger women, making it harder for the sperm to break the surface and get in the egg and make me a baby!!

I'm quite scared. Not of the shots or of the pain.......just the succesfullness of it all. I'm hoping they get better eggs, they get more eggs, and I have more healthy fertilized eggs to tranfer!

I have no medical problems, just my biological age holding me back. I can't beleive all that you've gone through!!!!!! oh my god! Do they think you're uterus will sustain a pregnancy?? I'm only now, since being on this webiste, familiar with morphology. I work with someone who has endo and has a child. She tells me how incredibly painful having endo is. I've never heard of a (what was it?...)disconnected uterus.

I'm here and have gone through this once before. We can support each other! Much baby dust to us both. :wave:


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